MWAA FAQ's for 2018

NOTICE: Please click here for the MWAA Policies and Rules. 

Social Media Policy is available here.

Attendee Rules:

Attendees are individuals who register to attend the MWAA conference to learn

more about the industry, discuss industry developments with colleagues and

make contacts with other members of the industry. Attendees may not solicit

business, sell products or services or recruit agents or resellers.


If an individual has been a vendor/exhibitor at a previous MWAA conference, they will not qualify to register as an Attendee and will be contacted by a Board Member to re-register as a vendor/exhibitor.


Exhibitor Information:

Exhibitors may set up Wednesday, July 25 from 8:30 AM CDT to 1:00 PM CDT. The Exhibit Hall opens at 5:00 PM CDT on Wednesday.   NOTE:  Packages are permitted to arrive July 23.  

Electricity is provided. Any telephone, wired IP connections or special AV must be ordered in advance.  Please contact for specifics. These services incur additional charges.  WiFi will be available, courtesy of a Sponsor.  

Exhibitor teardown will be Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 PM CDT.  All shipping labels should be filled out and placed on any item that you want the hotel to ship back for you.  Forms will be given prior to the end of the show to arrange for pick-up of your booth and/or boxes.

 General questions from Exhibitors:

Q.  How much does booth space cost?

A.  Booth costs varies on positioning and other factors.  Please check the Exhibit Hall map for specifics.

Q.  Where do I ship my exhibit and/or collateral?

A. Instructions on shipping to/from this event can be found in the Exhibitor Kit.  Packages are permitted to arrive July 23, 2018.

When possible, please always keep your tracking numbers with you, so it is easier to locate your boxes onsite.

Q.  Where will exhibit materials be placed?

A.  When you arrive at your assigned booth or table after the exhibit hall opens to exhibitors, your display and boxes will be there.  There will be a form on your table from the hotel regarding payment of your shipment.  You must fill out this form.  MWAA or hotel staff will collect your completed form prior to the opening reception. 

Q.  Who gets the attendee list and when?

A.  MWAA Sponsors will receive an attendee list prior to the conference as a part of their benefits package.  This attendee list is scheduled to be sent to Sponsors approximately two (2) weeks prior to the conference.  Exhibitors who are not sponsors do not receive the pre-show attendee list.  All exhibitors will receive an attendee list approximately two (2) weeks after the conference.  

Q.  How to make changes to the exhibitor’s attendees on the registration page

A.  When you registered, you received a system-generated e-mail with your login name and password. Login at the top, underneath “already registered”. Please insert the login name and password you received in that system-generated e-mail. You will then be taken to your record. As you scroll down the page, you will see the section entitled “Attendees” and under that you will see a box “Add Registrant(s). If you click on that box, you will be able to add another attendee. Or, if you are changing the attendee already in the system, then click the “Edit” box next to their e-mail address and you can make the change in that record.

B.  If you need to add or change any Options such as adding electricity or internet to your record, please follow the above steps. You will see (under the Attendees section) another section entitled “Options/Additional Services” and in that section, you will see a box “Add Option(s)”. Click on that box and follow the steps.

C.  If you need any assistance in making any changes, please send an email to:

Q.  How can I secure a room under the MWAA rate for the conference?

A. Visit the Hotel and Travel Arrangements page.

If you do not find the information you need, please contact us at

Q.  How are refunds handled?

A. The MWAA Board will provide refunds to any individual or company (not Premium Sponsors) that has registered for the MWAA 2018 Conference, paid and submitted a request for refund, provided the payment and the request for refund were both received prior to close of business at 5pm Central, Thursday, May 31, 2018.  The MWAA does not refund sponsorship payments to Premium Sponsors, which includes, Platinum, Golden Wheat and Harvest Moon Sponsors levels.  Requests for refunds must be sent via email to Mark Dunn, MWAA Treasurer at

Q.  What is the registration review process? 

A.  MWAA staff reviews all registrations. The MWAA Board and Officers reserve the right to change or cancel the registration of any individual or company at its sole discretion to enforce the rules and policies of the MWAA. 

Q. Can you please let me know if there will be an internet connection available for the exhibit space?

A. Yes, there is wireless internet available for exhibitors as is electricity.  Any telephone, wired IP connections or special AV must be ordered in advance. Please contact for specifics. WiFi will be available, courtesy of a Sponsor. 

Q.  Are there chairs included with the exhibit spaces?

A.  We do not provide chairs as representatives stand in front of their display spaces.  General Sponsors, Upgraded Exhibitors, Select Exhibitors and Basic Exhibitor displays are all table-top displays that back up to a wall or other table.  There is no room in front of the table for chairs.

Q.  What about the pre-show attendees list? Who gets it and when will it go out? Is there a post-show attendee list?

A.  Only MWAA 2018 sponsors get the pre-show attendee list. The pre-show attendee list will be sent to MWAA 2018 sponsors approximately two (2) weeks prior to the start of the show.  The post-show attendee list is provided to all exhibitors and will be emailed out to the exhibitors approximately two (2) weeks after the show. 

Q.  My company has to pay by check for exhibit space or sponsorship. I see that you only accept payments via credit or debit card. How can I make arrangements to pay?

A.  Being a trade organization in the card payment business, we promote card usage wherever we can. So we ask that all organizations and individuals pay by credit or debit card. However, we do recognize that some companies for reasons of financial control must pay by check or wire transfer. If this is the case with your company, please do this: go to the "EXHIBIT HALL LAYOUT" and choose three exhibit spaces from the available spaces shown on the map. Then mail your preferences along with a check for the registration fee for your top choice of exhibit space to us at

P.O. Box 237
North Lake, WI 53064

Please include the contact name and email address of your person in charge of handling your registration.  Please note that this is a slow process and all of your preferences may be sold out by the time we receive your payment.

We cannot guarantee that you will get your preferred choice of spaces, as online registration is first come, first served. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences and will email you back with details.